deutsch für den alltag in der Schweiz|How do you say that in German? Teaching you what you really need|What’s up in Basel? Explore your new home town and culture|speak german with confidence|get to know Basel like a local|talk german while we walk|Konversation beim spazierengehen|TUESDAY HIKES AROUND BASEL|

 learning German

Hands-on Language Class in everyday situations and around the coffee table

Talking German

Explore Basel through Conversation Classes

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Learning a new language is an adventure


How do you say that in German? Teaching you what you really need.

Our teaching style is conversational. We help you develop your German skills based on everyday situations you encounter in Switzerland, such as small talk, shopping, restaurants, travelling and at social and healthcare appointments.

What’s up in Basel? Explore your new home town and culture.

Would you like to immerse yourself in Basel life? Go where the locals go? Establish contacts with local people and try to see the country with their eyes? Our classes include a wide range of practical information on Switzerland and Basel and take you along to fun and unusual places.




German for Expats in Switzerland
lEARN GERMAN IN bASEL – Flexible and tailor made.

Teaching small groups, we have an open ear for your needs and can include specific topics upon your request (e.g. upcoming telephone calls or meetings, newspaper articles or grammar questions).

"We all would like you to know how
much we are enjoying our German class with you!
We are learning new vocabulary, fun
locations in Basel and practical ways to speak German in everyday life..."

"Danke für all Deine Hilfe. Ich freue mich auf mehr Lektionen im neuen Jahr..."

"Thank you for your patience in us.
It means a lot to us knowing that you have faith in our German skills..."
Practice makes perfect. The joy of being in charge of your learning.

We encourage you to be in the driving seat of your own learning process. Our classes serve you as a compass and provide you with speaking tools, training opportunities and immediate feedback from a native speaker. What’s more, we are happy to share with you some useful methods for your own revision and self-study at home.


Knowing the language of your host country will open many doors for you and make your stay here an even more rewarding experience. Step out of your comfort zone and join us today. We would be more than happy to discuss your individual study needs.