“I am so happy that you helped me develop the confidence to speak German. As an added bonus, I did so doing something that I have always enjoyed: walking, talking and learning about this wonderful city.” H.C., USA

“Your method of helping students practice their conversational skills is so original and inspiring. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon your website. I hope you enjoy many more walks in this most beautiful city/area and that they keep inspiring both you and your students. ” M.C., USA

“I highly recommend the German classes with Ute. Very didactic and fun! You  practice your German skills, get some exercise and learn a lot about Basel and the local culture.” R.B., USA

“We all would like you to know how much we are enjoying our German class with you! We are learning new vocabulary, fun locations in Basel and practical ways to speak German in everyday life.” J.P., USA

“It is a pity I met you only recently, as I found your lessons and walks extremely interesting and pleasant and I just started feeling motivated to re-start learning German.” R.C., Italy

“Thank you! I have really enjoyed class with you. Happy to continue after holidays!” S.H., UK

“Danke für all deine Hilfe. Ich freue mich auf mehr Lektionen im neuen Jahr!” S.E., USA

“Thank you again for your patience in us. It means a lot to us knowing that you have faith in our German skills.” M.C., USA

“Thanks for the homemade cookies! It was a great learning experience with you, I enjoyed all the places you showed us, even I’m a slow German learner. I look forward to seeing you again in the coming year!” L.S., China/USA